About Us

We've spent countless hours looking for information regarding State Parks.

We've spent countless hours looking for affordable outdoor gear and accessories.

~ State Parks Depot was born because of these two statements.

Our Facebook page will be posting information, news, announcements, stats, pictures and pretty much anything regarding State Parks across the 50 US States.  At minimum you'll be able to find at least one post per day.  At the same time we'll be looking for deals on gear and accessories that we find value in and we will pass that value on to you through this website.  If we don't feel it's good then we won't list it.

We believe in giving back so at the end of each year we will donate 3% of our net earnings.  At that time we will post an announcement of the trackable donation.  If you sign up on our email list we will also send documented information about this donation.

We love the outdoors and we love sharing our experiences and knowledge that we gain along the way.  Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and if you made it this far I thank you for reading these words.  Please like our Facebook page and share with your friends.

Feel free to reach out at any time:  admin@stateparksdepot.com


From The Team at State Parks Depot